Helping Virginia Overcome the WIP III Reporting Challenge

Public Private Partnership


Prescription Soil and Plant Nutrient Mgt., LLC has developed respect downSTREAM in furtherance of the following mission:

Under the auspices of a Public-Private Partnership with Va. Tech/VCE to develop, introduce and gain acceptance of on-line technology engineered to enable the Commonwealth of Virginia to prescriptively verify the amount of nutrients and amendments applied by urban-located, single-family detached homeowners.

In so doing, the Commonwealth, under egis of the Water Quality Act/WIP-III, will utilize our algorithic tool to both prescribe and instruct Virginia’s homeowners, precisely what and how much to apply, based scientifically on a 4 oz. soil sample analysis. Upon verification by the homeowner, Va/DCR will extrapolate the the applicable acreage data, under management and thereby move closer to achieving their compliance goal as mandated by the EPA.

The Challenge

Virginia’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is operating under an EPA WIP III mandate to document that a specified percentage of agricultural and urban acreage is under a nutrient management plan. Under EPA’s 2025 mandate, Virginia must report 363,000 urban acres as being under an acceptable and approved nutrient management plan or potentially risk forfeiture of federal funding.

Prescription Soil and Plant Nutrient Mgt. proposes working with the VaTech/VCE and DCR to adopt and deploy respect downstream as the means to increase the number of urban nutrient management plans and verifiable urban acreage under management.

Respect downSTREAM addresses Virginia’s goals as our soil testing service documents the plant as well as the square footage being cultivated by the homeowner and in combination with test results generates a scientifically supported, multi-seasonal, nutrient management plan, designed and developed by Va/Tech/VCE and implemented by DCR.

Proposed Solution

The respect downSTREAM program provides the homeowner with a method to know what amendments are needed to optimize growth of their lawn and garden. Most importantly, the proposed solution provides a voluntary reporting method that will ultimately reduce chemical runoff and therein contribute to the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay.

The proposed program will apply to any and all urban-located homeowners who take our soil test, receive our nutrient management plan instructions and who report back to the Commonwealth, county, zip code area applied, and yes or no regarding their prescriptive instructions.

Respect downSTREAM and Va. Tech/VCE have developed a program that works in conjunction with our algorithm.


Our primary goal is the establishment of a Public/Private Partnership with Va. Tech/VCE and DCR designed to address regulatory reporting requirements imposed by the EPA and in so doing achieve two primary goals:

  1. To help protect the overall quality of the Commonwealth’s waterways and the estuaries and lakes into which they flow into the Chesapeake Bay.
  2. To insure full compliance with EPA reporting requirements and therein prevent the potential loss of funding as designated in WIP/3.

Call To Action

Prescription Soil and Plant Nutrient Management in a Public/Private Partnership with Va. Tech/VCE seeks a dialog with those stakeholders who by charter are responsible for protection of the Chesapeake Bay and the overall water quality throughout the Commonwealth.

Are you willing to help our Public Private Partnership...achieve our goals? Please contact us...below:

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