The Science of Corrected Soil
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You Can’t Grow a Beautiful Lawn, Garden or Landscape without Correcting Your Soil

It Starts with the Science of Soil Correction

Gone are the days of waiting weeks to receive a soil analysis from a university extension office.  No more analysis results loaded with jargon and instructions difficult for all but a trained soil scientist to understand. We provide you with an easy-to-understand, scientifically-based report that’s ready in 36 hours of receipt at Stewardship Labs.

Identifying Your Soil Deficiencies

We analyze for the following nutrients and properties showing those components that may fall below an optimal level necessary to achieve the best possible growing conditions for the chosen plant type:

  • Soil pH

  • Organic Matter %

  • Capacity to Retain Nutrients

  • Soil Deficiencies

Receive Your Soil Correction Analysis

You’ll receive an easy to understand, custom report from Stewardship Labs explaining what nutrients your soil requires to have a healthy lawn and more productive garden.

An Example of Your Soil Correction Instructions

Our soilSMART Algorithm will tell you exactly the products needed to balance your soil and maintain it throughout the entire year.

We Show You Exactly What Products to Apply to Correct Your Soil

The soilSMART Algorithm will provide an Annual Soil Prescription Guide listing the nutrient products you need to correct deficiencies in your soil. You’ll be able to take your report and purchase everything you need at your local lawn & garden center.

The Soil Analysis

Our soil analysis gets to the root of the problem

It's Easy!

Don’t guess, do the test and let us do the rest!

Results Are Ready Quickly!

Your easy-to-understand analysis is ready within 36 hours of receipt at Stewardship Labs.


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